How to Use Moderation Controls

Every administrator and moderator has access to moderation controls. Click to open an idea and scroll down near the comments. Here you have multiple options for moderating a post:


Change Status: This allows you to decide whether an idea should be opened, closed or submitted for review.

Delete Idea: This will permanently delete the idea from the system.

Change Campaign: Allows you to choose a different category.

Merge Idea: If you have two ideas on your site that you believe are essentially the same idea, you can merge them using this. Go to the idea you want to merge from and type in the idea you want to merge to. The second idea will disappear but the comments and votes from it will be merged into the primary idea.

Edit Idea: You can edit the title and description of any idea.

You're also able to delete any comments that do not meet your standards for civility, just click on the red "Delete Comment" button located next to each comment.

All administrators have access to moderation controls. You can add other moderators by going to your Admin menu and typing in their name under the "Add Moderator" box. 

If a particular user is giving you too much trouble, you can ban their account by going into your admin section and typing in their name.