How to Use Instant Poll

Instant Poll allows you to take anything needing consensus and achieve it through one-click email voting to any predetermined list. It allows your key stakeholders to make better, faster decisions that are backed by the collective intelligence of the organization. Instant Poll questions or results are not available publicly but only to your pre-determined list via email. 

To try Instant Poll, have an administrator click on the top right drop-down and select Admin. Now select the Instant Poll option:


First you'll fill out what your question is before providing the options. This can be "yes or no," or may involve uploaded designs or ideas. You can add more options or remove options using the + and - signs. 

Lastly, you need to choose a list of who will receive the email voting ballot. By default you can have it emailed to every person who has signed up on your IdeaLab or people with over 100 points (these are your loyal and active participants). You can also add a custom list like your internal departments, executive team or trusted partners. To do that, upload a CSV file with only one column containing email addresses. Once added you'll be able to easily get actionable feedback in just a few keystrokes. 



Emails with one-click voting go out immediately and results are provided into your inbox within 48 hours. You'll also find archived results under your Analytics menu. Next time you have something that needs deciding give Instant Poll a try. It's seriously addicting and can help you move forward with decisions backed by real metrics.