Building a Successful Crowdsourced Community: Tips for Increasing Engagement

Now that you have your IdeaLab ready to go here are some tips to help make sure that your community will be successful:

1) Post a link on your website

This is one of the most important things to do, since these are your core customers and the ones most likely to engage and provide new ideas.

2) Post links on a regular basis to social media

It takes time to build a self-sustaining community so get people used to coming back by posting links on Facebook, Twitter and announcements on Instagram.

3) Email Newsletter

Send out a blast letting all your fans know that you welcome their ideas & opinions and inviting them to join the community.

4) Let your distribution channels know

If you have a distribution channel, let them know since their feedback can be just as valuable. Having an IdeaLab itself will show them how you are innovating and staying active in the marketplace.

5) If you are using your IdeaLab internally, share it often at first to get employees into the habit of regular submission and supporting of new ideas. Make it a part of your new products process.

6) Make users feel a part of the process by thanking them for their contribution in the comments and acknowledging high-value users. In messaging we recommend emphasizing that you are providing this space because it matters to you what your customers think. The end goal is to not only get new ideas but to build brand ambassadors and get people invested in the success of the organization.

The IdeaLab platform was built by deep study of user interactions with each element adjusted to provide maximum engagement. We believe that by following these tips you will have a successful IdeaLab that will help your business do great things!